Silent Hill Creator Offers Concept Art For Upcoming Horror Game

There have been several iconic horror games that have been released into the marketplace over the years. It’s a popular genre as players enjoy a new fright with jump scares or simple a dreary setting that keeps players on edge. One of the more iconic horror franchises that came out on the original PlayStation was Konami’s Silent Hill. This IP had grown such a following that there’s been hope a new installment would be coming out that attaches some of the former developers.

The first Silent Hill game had a team behind the project but the director for the video game was Keiichiro Toyama. This particular individual only worked on the first Silent Hill before moving from Konami to work under Sony. Since then he brought out the Siren series along with the Gravity Rush franchise. There were rumors that a new Silent Hill game was being developed and that it was a reboot that would be handled by Sony. That leads to some assuming that Keiichiro Toyama who was working at Sony would be attached.

Unfortunately, if that rumor turns out to be true then it won’t include Keiichiro Toyama as he announced that he’s since left Sony and opened up his studio, Bokeh Game Studio. Not much is known about their debut title but it’s set to be another horror game. A new video which was in Japanese was uploaded online with Keiichiro Toyama talking about making another horror game. 

While there’s no title or any details about what the game will be about, some concept images were released showing off some scenes and monsters that players could see at some point when the game does finally launch. Perhaps this could be another iconic hit like Silent Hill. For now, it’s purely a waiting game to see what this debut title will be about.

Source: Comicbook, Twitter