Former God of War Director Is Confident Ragnarok Will Launch For PS4

God of War is a massive franchise and one of the staple exclusives for Sony. Since its start back on the PlayStation 2, fans have been enjoying the ability to take on the role of Kratos as he seeks revenge on the Greek mythological gods. It’s been a thrilling ride and after God of War 3, it wasn’t certain if we would see Kratos make a return. Of course, we know that Kratos does make a big comeback on the PlayStation 4 with a soft reboot of sorts called simply God of War.

This latest installment once again throws players back into the role of Kratos but instead of being in Greece, players are tossed into Norse mythological battles. It’s a great video game title and often one recommended for players to pick up on the PlayStation 4. However, the PlayStation 5 is now available and we’re seeing more gamers move on from the PlayStation 4 to the PlayStation 5 console. Despite this, there is support for the PlayStation 4 still and we won’t see Sony pull the plug on the console platform for at least a few more years.

However, that hasn’t stopped speculation as to what upcoming video game titles will be exclusive to the PlayStation 5 only. We know that there is another God of War video game in the works. Right now the working title is seemingly God of War Ragnarok and it’s a game that none of us know anything about. We only have one teaser available and it’s just showcasing the title name which means that we’re left wondering just what the game will be about, who will make a return from the PlayStation 4 installment, and of course, if will we get another cross-gen release.

While those questions are left to be answered, one fan of David Jaffe brought up the God of War franchise during a Twitch stream. Of course, David Jaffe is a notable person from the franchise as he was the original director behind God of War along with the creative director for God of War 2. Since then he hasn’t been with the God of War franchise so nothing said is official statements from the studio. 

With that said, David Jaffe was asked if God of War Ragnarok would be on PlayStation 4 in which David state that of course, it will. This could be David Jaffe reading into how other exclusive video game titles are being offered as cross-gen releases at the moment or perhaps he has more insider knowledge behind the project. Either way, we’ll have to wait and see just what comes of God of War Ragnarok.

Source: Gamesradar