Is God of War Ragnarok A Cross-Gen Release?

God of War is a massive franchise for Sony and one that’s been around since the PlayStation 2. There have been several installments and even spin-off games released that have had fans eager for the next thrilling chapter that focuses on Kratos. While God of War 3 seemingly left the game franchise concluding, fans were rejoicing over the soft reboot that came on on the PlayStation 4. Simply titled God of War, fans were once again thrown into the role of Kratos but as an older man left alone with a family.

The game started out with his wife being laid for rest when the Norse gods discover his presence. Forced into showing his old life to his son, Kratos makes a new journey that will force him to unleash his rage once again. Since that game came to an end, there were plenty of rumors flying around that another installment was in the works, and of course, being such a massive IP, Sony had kept things pretty tight lipped. At any rate, it wasn’t long ago that we got confirmation of a new God of War game was being released.

God of War Ragnarok is in development but we don’t know really anything beyond that point. The teaser released only gives the title name and we’re left waiting to see just where the developers take this series. However, fans are also wondering just where this game will arrive on. With the PlayStation 5 available for players to purchase, there wasn’t any detail as to if this game would be strictly a PlayStation 5 exclusive or not.

Now it looks like Sony is keeping their mouths shut when it comes to the game’s platforms as well. According to The Telegraph, the publication recently spoke with the PlayStation CEO, Jim Ryan, where God of War Ragnarok came up. Asking Jim Ryan directly if the game would be a PlayStation 5 exclusive, the CEO simply stated that he didn’t have anything to say in terms of what platforms it will be available on. Since we’re not sure just how long the game has been in development or just when it’s slated to release within the 2021 launch window, we’ll have to wait and see just what Sony Interactive Entertainment opts to do with this beloved franchise.

Source: The Telegraph