Retailer Alerts Consumers Select PlayStation 4 Models Are Being Discontinued

2020 was quite the anticipated year for the video game industry. We had several big video game projects set to launch within the year along with next-generation video game consoles. Of course, none of us could have predicted just what 2020 would turn out to be. It was quite the downer year thanks to the worldwide health pandemic outbreak that we’re still dealing with. Most video game projects were also pushed back into this year, 2021. This was mainly due to various studios issuing work from home orders as we attempted to social distance from each other. As a result, this put some developers behind on their projects or goals.

While there was plenty of video game software that got pushed back, both the Microsoft Xbox Series X/S and the PlayStation 5 was released into the marketplace. Now getting your hands on a unit has been questionable as of late, but they are being produced and released into the market. As you can imagine, the latest generation of console platforms releasing into the marketplace typically means there will be an end for the previous generation of consoles. 

For instance, the PlayStation 4 came out back in 2013 and over the years we’ve seen several models along with console variations released. Various models are sold in stores right now which can be different base colors to storage options. However, a new image from a Japanese retailer has started to circulate online that suggests Sony is starting to discontinue select PlayStation 4 models. 

According to the message, Sony is ending production for certain PlayStation 4 models such as the 1 & 2 TB Jet Black PlayStation 4 models along with the PlayStation 4 1TB Glacier White model. Other models will be restocked, so this could just be a thinning of what models will be available for Sony to manufacture and release into the marketplace.

The Sony PlayStation 4 is said to be supported for the next few years and there are still some first-party video game titles that will launch on the PlayStation 4 alongside the PlayStation 5 platform. With that said, it doesn’t look like Sony has made any announcements regarding any PlayStation 4 units being discontinued from the marketplace.

Source: Comic Book, Twitter