IO Interactive Ramps Up Employment For The New James Bond Game

IO Interactive is a well-known video game development studio. After being founded in 1998, you’ll likely know the team best for the Hitman video game franchise. The folks over at IO Interactive are preparing for the launch of the final installment to this new reboot Hitman series to come out into the market, Hitman 3. While the Hitman trilogy is coming to an end, there is another anticipated project that the studio is preparing for. 

November of last year, 2020, we got the word of Project 007, IO Interactive’s next big video game title. We know that this is a brand new James Bond storyline and that the development studio is working closely with MGM and Eon Productions when it comes to the title. James Bond used to have quite a few video game titles released into the marketplace, but for a good while the franchise has mainly laid dormant in terms of video game releases.

The Hitman series has blown up in popularity and IO Interactive could deliver quite the remarkable 007 titles into the marketplace. Unfortunately, we don’t know much about the game at this point or when we can even expect to play the title. For now, it looks like the studio is more focused on getting the necessary group of employees ready to head into video game development. 

Recently, IO Interactive announced on their official Twitter account that they are looking for talented individuals that are interested in applying to the studio as they embark on the upcoming Project 007 video game. From the career page, IO Interactive has quite a wide variety of positions available for this project in particular, along with other unannounced projects. While we wait for the development studio to release more information about Project 007 you can check out the announcement teaser embedded above.

Source: Twitter