Kingdom Come Deliverance Nintendo Switch Listing Is A False Alarm

Developers Warhorse Studios brought out a historically accurate and realistic video game set in the medieval Kingdom of Bohemia. Gamers may notice the period-accurate armor, clothing, combat techniques, and even real-world castle recreations. In the video game’s campaign, the old king of Bohemia had passed with his heirs lacking the ability and power to secure the throne. Using this opportunity to take advantage and claim the rights, the old king’s brother takes control of Bohemia.

Players will be taking on the role of a blacksmith’s son whose family had been murdered by an invading army. With revenge burning in his heart, the son seeks out his family’s killer while also restoring the throne to the rightful heir. Fortunately, if this game is available to enjoy right now just as long as you have a PC, PlayStation 4, or Xbox One platform to enjoy it on. It’s a game that we even covered in a Before You Buy video which I’ll embed below. We’ll go over the game narrative, gameplay mechanics, in hopes of giving you a bit more insight into this title before actually making the purchase.

While this game came out in 2018, there was a bit of an exciting resurgence. All this was due to a new listing suggesting the game was coming out for the Nintendo Switch platform. When this listing was noticed, the online community and potential players for the Nintendo Switch was quick to talk about the title once again. Unfortunately, we will have to burst your bubble as it looks like this listing was a mistake. A tweet from the PR manager of Warhorse Studios, the developer behind Kingdom Come Deliverance, has alerted fans that the listing was a mistake. 

While there were quite a few exciting gamers about a port, the PR manager made note that there is nothing planned at the moment. Currently, the development team is investigating just why this title was listed for the Nintendo Switch in the first place, but mistakes happen. It looks like the game won’t be hitting the Nintendo console hybrid anytime soon, if ever. 

Source: Twitter