CD Projekt Red Almost Delayed Console Versions Of Cyberpunk 2077 Again

One of the most anticipated video games of 2020 has been Cyberpunk 2077. CD Projekt Red had slated the game to release across a generation of consoles along with the PC platform in 2020. Of course, with the coronavirus health pandemic outbreak, several studios had to pull their games from a launch this year. Fortunately, CD Projekt Red wasn’t willing to push the game back any further than a 2020 launch.

Fans have been waiting on this game for years and it wasn’t long ago that we received the title. After several delays this year, December 10, 2020, would mark the date in which Cyberpunk 2077 would finally grace players. However, it’s clear that the studio could have used a bit more time across all platforms. This is especially true for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One standard console editions. I’m sure you’ve seen a compilation of glitches and bugs online from those two consoles. 

CD Projekt Red held an investors call where the question came up if the development team felt pressured to release the game on time. According to the SVP of business development, Michal Nowakowski, the team didn’t felt any pressure outside of the usual pressure for any video game launch. With that said the development team felt they dropped the ball for last-generation standard consoles. It was clear that they needed to focus more on the standard edition consoles, but what’s done is done.

Still, looking back the developers would have likely delayed the console versions of the game again before December 10, 2020, arrived, and simply released the PC platform into the marketplace. Still, there’s a ton of bugs on the PC platform, I’m for one stuck very early into the campaign narrative and simply sinking hours into side missions while I wait for an update to arrive. Speaking of updates, it looks like there is one slated to come out within a week’s time.

Source: IGN