EA Motive’s Next Project Won’t Be Star Wars

Speculation on what video game development studios are something that’s quite popular online. The amount of rumors and supposed leaks is abundant online and as much as we’d love to give in on those rumors, I’m looking at you Silent Hill reboot, we have to sift through them and pick out the more plausible pieces to cover. Not every speculation piece is worth talking about if the track record leading up to the supposed reveal is unreliable. However, when a mention of a project comes from a development studio job listing, things tend to get picked up online and spread around.

One of those supposed leaked projects came from EA Motive, a studio that recently had its latest project launch into the market, Star Wars: Squadrons. This space-sim fighter title received some positive reviews and fans may have been wondering just what the studio had in the works next. Well, not long ago there was a job listing posted for EA Motive that made mention this studio was working on another Star Wars project, but other than the franchise being named, there wasn’t any indication as to what this Star Wars game would be about. With the success of Star Wars: Squadrons, it wouldn’t be far fetched if the studio opted to make a sequel or follow-up title for players to enjoy. 

Unfortunately, that speculation can come to an end. While EA Motive is actively working on new projects for fans to enjoy, none of them will be Star Wars based. This bit of information came out from the official EA Motive Twitter account which alerted followers that the job listing was human error. We all make mistakes and it looks like somehow the Star Wars IP was mentioned in a job posting, but that’s not the case. Instead, this new project is something that the developers are finding to be pretty special but no details were given as to what exactly the title would be about. 

In the meantime, EA Motive suggests following their Twitter account to learn about all the latest details for the upcoming game. Still, it’s uncertain just how long of a wait we will have to endure before we get some notable information on the matter. Looks like we are going to be waiting on the next big Star Wars game reveal from another studio.

Source: Twitter