Silent Hill Fans Once Again Disappointed With Sony Event

For years now, fans of the Silent Hill franchise has been waiting for something to come out. After the disbandment of Team Silent who crafted up some incredible works for the franchise, the IP was tossed into the hands of different western developers. The results have been mainly lackluster in a lot of Silent Hill fans eyes. These latest batch of games lacked the essence and details that Team Silent was known for. Then out of nowhere, it looked like Konami was going to allow Hideo Kojima, a famed developer of theirs who was mainly known for the Metal Gear Solid franchise, to work on the next thrilling installment.

This came in the form of P.T. and later unveiled to be Silent Hills. The development was very short lived as Kojima and Konami had a falling out. Ultimately, Silent Hills was cancelled and Kojima went on to make his own game development studio, Kojima Productions. Fans once again saw Silent Hill get tossed into a dormant state, only to be picked up from Konami to showcase in gambling machines. That was hopefully going to change today for fans as there were constant rumors flying around that Silent Hill was making a return in a big way.

Rumors were suggesting that Konami was working with Sony to bring out a Silent Hill reboot. The game was going to be in the hands of several original Team Silent members as they were working under Sony. Several credible leakers were pointing to Silent Hill coming back on the PlayStation 5 with an announcement set at some point in June but that ultimately got pushed back.

Halo of the Sun compared to FNAF symbol

Now the rumors have started to die down a bit but there were fans hoping that Silent Hill was going to be announced during today’s event. In fact, there were plenty of instances that looked like we were going to get something such as a similar Silent Hill symbol found in the trailer of Five Nights At Freddy’s trailer, the siren played before the Fortnite trailer, and the fact of an ash-like scene appearing before it was unveiled to be God of War. For now, it looks like the IP will stay dormant.