Microsoft Has No Intentions Of Raising Xbox Game Pass Subscription Price

Microsoft has surprised quite a few with its Netflix-style of gaming. With Xbox Game Pass, players are given access to countless video game titles both AAA and indie games that can be downloaded and enjoyed just from a subscription fee. It’s allowed players to save quite a bit of money without having to pay for individual video game titles regularly. However, what you may find of interest is that Microsoft is also gearing towards Xbox Game Pass being a viable solution for players worldwide without the need for consoles or gaming PCs.

As it stands right now, Xbox Game Pass requires players to download and install these various video games right on their Xbox One or PC platforms. There is the Android platform currently which allows Xbox Game Pass titles to be streamed to players’ smartphones through cloud gaming. That’s strictly only for Android smartphones right now, but that could change as we have heard comments on the matter from Phil Spencer. It wasn’t long ago that Phil Spencer talked about seeing Xbox Game Pass streaming come to households worldwide through various means such as a streaming stick or being incorporated into smart TVs

With so many first-party titles coming to Xbox Game Pass and with Microsoft likely trying to pull in even more third-party games onto the service, some may be wondering just where the future lies with Xbox Game Pass. Some would assume that Microsoft is gearing towards securing enough subscribers right now on the service and then make a price jump but that won’t be the case according to Phil Spencer.

Phil was recently featured on Dropped Frames Podcast, where he admitted that several developers are posing the same question about Xbox Game Pass and where the price jump may happen. According to Phil Spencer, there’s no desire to raise the price of the Xbox Game Pass subscription service as it’s sustainable as is. Of course, there’s no way of knowing what the future holds, but it looks like the starting price of $9.99 per month fee to enjoy Xbox Game Pass will remain the same.

Source: VGC