Video Games That Are Currently Stuck In Development Hell

There are countless video game titles that get announced but seem to fall into the dark. From little information being unveiled to standstill development, most of these games end up finally getting killed off leaving developers and publishers from putting any more work into the project. Sometimes, these cancelled games morph into a new project where certain elements or storylines are reused.

However, for those few video game titles that were not officially cancelled end up being labeled as vaporware or better known as stuck in development hell. These games may be shelved to work on a different project or they may be tossed around to other developers in hopes that it will finally see a release into the market.

Here are a few video game titles that are still stuck or supposedly in development hell.

#10 Skull & Bones

  • Developer: Ubisoft
  • Publisher: Ubisoft

We don’t get too many pirate video game titles released into the market so for fans that wanted to take on the seas in search of loot, they may have been eager to get their hands on Ubisoft’s Skull & Bones. This title is said to be an open-world tactical action game where players take the role of a captain and must venture out for goods while avoiding the law. In the footage shown off, the title looked pretty similar to the Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag installment but with a few enhancements.

While the game is said to have a campaign, we haven’t really seen too much on the storyline. Instead, there was more of a focus to show the gameplay and how players can join in a game together. Outside of that, we know that there is a big emphasis on maintaining your ship and upgrading it with the likes of new weapons or other aesthetic customization.

Originally, the game was set to release in 2018 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC platforms. Unfortunately, it was delayed for 2019, and then again for a 2020 release and since then it’s been pushed back to release sometime in 2021 to 2022. We’re not sure why it had so many delays but we’re also not really hearing anything new about the game.

#9 Half-Life 3
  • Developer: Valve Corporation
  • Publisher: Valve

The Half-Life series has been iconic for decades since the first title launched in 1998. However, the game series has become rather infamous due to its left off cliffhanger leaving gamers waiting for the third and likely final installment to this franchise.

While not confirmed to be in development, we can’t help but think that Valve is working on a Half-Life 3 while many of us wait for it to finally launch into the market. Over the years, very little information was released regarding the third video game installment leaving some to see this game as vaporware or potentially stuck in development hell. Regardless, the longer the developers wait the more hype is built around the game.

#8 Agent
  • Developer: Rockstar North
  • Publisher: Rockstar Games

Rockstar is known for a few different video game franchises, their latest release being Grand Theft Auto V. While most gamers are setting their eyes on the upcoming release of Red Dead Redemption 2, Rockstar Games has another title potentially in the works. Agent was first worked on in 2003 where the game was set to release for the PlayStation 2 and original Xbox.

However, that was scrapped for a new direction in 2007 when it was unveiled that Rockstar Games would be working on a PlayStation 3 exclusive known as Agent. So far, we know that the game takes place during the cold war and will deal around counter-intelligence and espionage.

Unfortunately, over the years, very little information was released to the public. In 2011 Take-Two Interactive confirmed that Agent was still in development over at Rockstar Games and 2013 the trademarks for the game was re-registered.

Officially, the game is not cancelled as of yet and even the Rockstar Games official website has a listing for Agent though it still claims to be a PlayStation 3 title release. With current generation consoles coming towards the end of their life cycle and Red Dead Redemption 2 releasing shortly, this game may not likely launch until next generation consoles if ever.

#7 WiLD
  • Developer: Wild Sheep Studio
  • Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

It’s anyone’s guess as to if WiLD will actually release into the market. This game has been talked about and shown off since 2014 and now that we’re approaching the end years of the PlayStation 4, there are rumors saying WiLD may be bumped to a PlayStation 5 exclusive. Regardless, this survival action game is still one that gamers can’t wait to get their hands on. Overall, the world procedurally generated while players take the role of a man set in the prehistoric Neolithic period. Within the game, players will have to scavenge for food and items to stay alive, but there is also the added ability to seek out the help of animals within the wild to aid you in your journey.

Again, this game has been around for several years with no real big updates to the development process. Most will even label the game as a title suck in development hell, but so far there is no indication of it being killed off or cancelled. Perhaps this will be the year we’ll finally get new information and a concrete release date.

#6 Deep Down
  • Developer: Capcom
  • Publisher: Capcom

Deep Down is a cooperative dungeon crawler that was first revealed all the way back in 2013. The game was announced to be a game exclusive to the PlayStation 4 set in the future in New York City. Players would have a unique power that would transport them into an ancient civilization just by touching an ancient relic. Likewise, the title was unveiled to be a free-to-play title that PS4 gamers could enjoy together without having to pay a subscription fee, much like other free-to-play titles on the console platform. Since its announcement, we haven’t seen the game or heard about it. Instead, it looks like Capcom has kept up with the trademark for the IP but it’s unknown if the game will ever release or if it will be pushed back to the PlayStation 5 at this point.

#5 Star Citizen
  • Developer: Cloud Imperium Games
  • Publisher: Cloud Imperium Games

Star Citizen began its development process back in 2011 where it grew exponentially after its successful Kickstarter Campaign. The funding helped developer Cloud Imperium Games build up Star Citizen into a more fleshed out space epic. In fact, the development studio managed to raise over $2,000,000 after setting a goal of $500,000.

Within Star Citizen, players will be dropped into a futuristic universe where they can pilot their own ship, seek out resources, craft, explore, and fight other players. Initially, the game was slated to launch in 2014, though there have been a series of setbacks and delays as Cloud Imperium Games continued to add new features.

Though the game is still slated to release fully on the PC platform, there is currently only alpha builds available for players to enjoy with no clear indication as to when the full game will release into the market.