Video Games That Are Currently Stuck In Development Hell

Star Citizen

  • Developer: Cloud Imperium Games
  • Publisher: Cloud Imperium Games

Star Citizen began its development process back in 2011 where it grew exponentially after its successful Kickstarter Campaign. The funding helped developer Cloud Imperium Games build up Star Citizen into a more fleshed out space epic. In fact, the development studio managed to raise over $2,000,000 after setting a goal of $500,000.

Within Star Citizen, players will be dropped into a futuristic universe where they can pilot their own ship, seek out resources, craft, explore, and fight other players. Initially, the game was slated to launch in 2014, though there have been a series of setbacks and delays as Cloud Imperium Games continued to add new features.

Though the game is still slated to release fully on the PC platform, there is currently only alpha builds available for players to enjoy with no clear indication as to when the full game will release into the market.

Dead Island 2

  • Developer: Sumo Digital
  • Publisher: Deep Silver

Dead Island first release in 2011 in which players are stranded on an island during a zombie outbreak. Throughout the game, players are tasked with aiding other survivors as they attempt to find a means of escaping the island to safety.

In 2014 during E3 it was unveiled that a sequel would be launching in the near future. From what we know the game would be taking place in California which was fully quarantined due to the spread of a zombie outbreak virus. The game looked to be even more vibrant visually while retaining the same gameplay mechanics and melee focus weapons.

Originally, developers Techland who had worked on Dead Island was set to handle the sequel. However, that fell apart when the developers opted to work on Dying Light thus the Dead Island 2 project was shelved until Yager Development stepped into the production. A few years later the Yager Development studio also dropped the project where currently Sumo Digital is handling Dead Island 2. That’s, of course, the last we heard about the game since 2016 so as it stands now, the game is not cancelled.