Dead By Daylight Silent Hill Crossover Now On Mobile Platforms

Dead by Daylight has been quite the fun game and if you played and enjoyed Friday The 13th: The Game, you’ll find that the same overall gameplay is featured in this particular IP. This video game was developed by Behavior Interactive where for the most part, players are in a 1v4 game where four players are left in a hurry to escape a killer that’s loose on the map. The group must work together and attempt to elude the killer despite having the odds against them. There are also a handful of different cinematic killers featured within the game such as villains from Halloween, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, A Nightmare on Elm Street, along with Saw franchises. 

It’s clear that the studio is working on several IPs to be featured in the coming months. We’ve already seen several events and crossovers in the past but the most recent release is an IP that fans have been eagerly awaiting on for its own new installment. Konami has allowed the crossover of their Silent Hill IP a franchise that has been heavily rumored and teased online for a brand new installment being developed. Those rumors have yet to become official, but in its place fans can enjoy the latest incarnation of Silent Hill through Dead by Daylight.

This crossover brought over Pyramid Head, Heather Mason, Cybil Bennett, and Midwich Elementary School. For a few months now players could enjoy this crossover through most platforms but mobile users were left waiting. That’s no longer the case as the crossover is now finally available on Dead by Daylight Mobile. Fans can enjoy this game along with the new characters and map addition right now which should bring another resurgence of active players onto the Dead by Daylight servers.

Source: Twitter