Sony Unveils The PlayStation 5 UI

Going into 2020 there has been a ton of anticipation over the next-generation video game console platforms. We knew that both Microsoft and Sony would be delivering their next-gen consoles into the market. Despite the virus outbreak that is going on right now all around the world, both console platforms are still set on schedule for a launch next month. However, because of the coronavirus health pandemic outbreak, there have been a few obstacles that the companies had to deal with in order to showcase these next-gen releases.

For instance, in the past, we would have seen these consoles highlighted at in-person events or expos. It’s a means for a more close up look at the console and even potentially get some questions answered right away. There are also various tours around the markets to give players a chance to even play these consoles in-person. However, because of the social distancing rules, there wasn’t a chance for either company to really bring the consoles out to the masses. This was especially troublesome for Sony as they have crafted up a console that’s aimed towards immersion with the 3D headphone technology and haptic feedback DualSense controller.

Still, Sony is highlighting different aspects of the PlayStation 5 with the latest coming today as a PlayStation 5 UI deep dive. In this latest video, we get a look at the PS5 UI with a few of the features the new console will be promoting. For instance, there is a new Control Center that gives players access to anything they may need to manage on their PlayStation 5 without having to exit a video game. From one press of the button, you’ll have the ability to look at your friend list, downloads, among other useful settings.

Additionally, there are activity cards presented for the current video game you’re playing within the Control Center. These will be highlights of different parts of the game that you may have missed out on when initially going through the levels. For instance, you may find a card highlighting a level where you missed a few objectives. From there you’ll get a breakdown of what you may have missed, the ability to jump into that portion of the game, and even an time estimation of how long it will take you to complete that mission. 

These activity cards can even showcase guides that the developers could place inside the game. Think of these as the typical walkthrough guides you would find in various YouTube videos or even websites. Now you can get help regarding a certain mission of the game without having to look up a guide online. While these features seem like they will be useful, only time will tell to see just how popular they may be with fans. 

Source: YouTube