GameStop Will Earn Digital Revenue From Each Xbox Unit They Sell


It wasn’t long ago that we were talking about GameStop in a way that seemed like this once retail giant would soon be just a fading memory. There were several reports and actions made that clearly showed the company was quickly on its way out the door with no signs of making a comeback. From cutting down retail locations, employees, and even senior members of the company parting ways, the final nail might have been the coronavirus health pandemic outbreak.

Despite all that, GameStop is still carrying on and it even made some big news for the different members that stepped into a more senior management position such as former Nintendo of America president, Reggie Fils-Aime. Now the company is making some new headlines once again as they struck a partnership with Microsoft. While this news is a bit old, there are some new insights as to how the company may thrive a bit more with Microsoft’s backing.

Apparently, this partnership with Microsoft has given GameStop an incentive to push Xbox Series X consoles. The partnership would allow Nintendo to earn a bit of revenue from all digital purchases made from an Xbox unit they sell. This means that if a consumer purchases an Xbox Series X from the GameStop retailer and then uses the console unit to purchase anything digitally, then a cut of the profits Microsoft makes will actually go to GameStop. It’s a means to allow the company to still exist even if they can’t directly sell digital goods.

What we’re unsure about is if there will be some deals made from Sony to also push GameStop towards selling the PlayStation 5. This could be a costly move, but it’s one that we’re sure GameStop is thrilled about after nearing so close to being a dead retailer. At any rate, time will only time on just how well GameStop does with this next-generation platform launch. Likewise, with so many locations around the world still dealing with the coronavirus health pandemic outbreak, there may be some issues with the retailer even getting consumers into the marketplace.

Source: Wccftech