Former Nintendo President Reggie Fils-Amie Will Take Board Position At GameStop

It’s no secret that GameStop is struggling and for most, the company was at a point of no return. However, the retail chain is holding out hope and there is a big change-up that could potentially give the retailer a comeback. The announcement came through an official GameStop press release that alerted the world of a new change to the board of directors. 

While GameStop has been making some changes already to help itself out a rut such as laying off several employees along with closing locations down altogether. There is still trouble with the retailer that is only growing with digital focus releases and the unknown of what’s to come with the next-generation console platforms. However, the next big move GameStop will make will revolve around the board of directors.

The current members will be taking their leave in June of this year and in their place the likes of Reggie Fils-Amie, the former Walmart CEO William Simon along with James Symancyk who currently oversees PetSmart. With these minds coming together to oversee GameStop could help bring the adjustments and changes needed to really turn things around. 

All of them had incredible success in their areas of expertise when it comes to growth, moving products along with Reggie being a familiar face in the gaming industry. Only time will tell if these minds can really make an impact on how GameStop is able to move forward in a way that could really benefit a retail chain for the upcoming generation platform releases if not thrive well beyond the years of just a console generation cycle.

Source: GameStop