GameStop Makes Plans For A Successful Relaunch During Health Pandemic

The coronavirus is a big deal. You all are aware of the health pandemic it’s causing around the globe. Some of us are forced into quarantine and social distancing ourselves from others while others are becoming more cautious about their day when outside of their home. However, there is plenty of talk about how to reopen some businesses again and while there will be some caution in place, one business is already putting some plans in action. It looks as if we may see GameStop start making some moves to open up shop during the health pandemic.

We may have a long way to go still with this coronavirus but people are itching to get some normalcy back in their lives once again. The same can be said with businesses and if you’re familiar with GameStop then you may know the retailer has had plenty of problems well before this virus hit.

There was some concern that this video game focused retailer would be closing its doors for good but according to a report that has come out, the business has changed a few areas up to help secure a successful future. One of the means to help this business out in securing funds.

It looks like a lot of corporate is taking pay cuts and leave of absences to help keep money intact. This even includes the CEO which is taking a 50% decrease during this pandemic.

Regardless of the payment cuts, GameStop is planning to bring back a few stores as well. There are only two states within the United States to start back to work but other countries that are not as badly hurt with this pandemic will see their retailer locations resume back to business soon. Of course, GameStop has been struggling to really make a big impact in today’s market as it had years ago. Only time will tell if the retailer can make a comeback after the pandemic fully comes to an end.

Source: Polygon