Call of Duty 2020 Will Be Set In Vietnam War According To Reliable Leaker

Call of Duty certainly does not have any shortages of video game installments released into the market and while we continue to purchase each installment that launches, there’s always gamers eager to know what the next iteration will be about. According to a leaker that has proved to be reliable on several occasions in the past, we are going to see Call of Duty 2020 launch into the market as a title set during the Vietnam war. 

There’s been constant rumors and supposed leaks going up online and while I tend to avoid them as most often they end up being completely false, there are a few notable sources that I will listen in on. One of those sources is Jason Schreier, a reporter that’s been around for quite a few years and has proven to release reliable leaks in the past. In response to a follower asking about Call of Duty, Jason Schreier has claimed that he is not much of a Call of Duty person.

With that said, Jason is in the know and claims that the next game will be set in Vietnam. While the code name at the moment is just Call of Duty: Vietnam, we could be looking at a new installment set within the Black Ops franchise. Other than that name, Jason doesn’t feel that the title is a reboot, so we’re likely going to see a brand new installment release for gamers. Of course, we’re wondering just how much of a campaign there will be in this installment.

If you don’t recall, the last Call of Duty: Black Ops installment known simply as Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, it was a game released with only a multiplayer component. The thought process was that most gamers picked up a copy of Call of Duty in order to enjoy the multiplayer experience, but that may not be the case since we’re moving back to the Vietnam war era. Right now, there are no official statements on the matter so we’ll simply have to wait and see what the official Call of Duty 2020 video game will be.

Source: Twitter