Fortnite Has Been Added Into The Google Play Store

Fortnite has been a monster of a video game title. For year’s it’s been a top dog battle royale game that’s brought in not only a ton of active players but a ton of revenue as well. Getting a cut of the revenue is going to be lucrative, but for Epic Games, the revenue cut that would have been directed to Google was a bit too much in their eyes. As a result, there has been an attempt to bring Fortnite out to Android devices though through a web browser download. That’s no longer the only way to obtain Fortnite as the game is available on Google Play Store.

When it comes to Google, the company takes 30% of in-app purchases which can be quite a hefty amount once it’s added up. This is the same type of practice that Epic Games tried to stop with Valve by offering a better revenue cut to developers and publishers while using the Epic Games Store. Being that Google is requiring a rather large sum of profit for in-app purchases, Epic sought out to offer Fortnite through their own application known as the Epic Games App.

Unfortunately for Epic Games, they decided that the workaround for Google Play Store was becoming a bit too much of a pain. Google’s Android operating service typically triggers several alerts and warnings when you download applications not directly offered on the Google Play Store. As a result, this is a bit scary for some consumers as it could look like whatever you’re downloading is not official resulting in viruses or other harmful monitoring software being implemented within your device. 

It’s due to these warnings that the Epic Games development studio and publisher opted to go ahead and offer Fortnite on Google Play Store while also offering gamers a means to get the game directly through Epic Games. It’s certainly a battle that we’re sure more developers would be keen on joining in on with more revenue being offered to the developer rather than forcing to pay a larger sum to Google. 

Source: Polygon