Sony Bravia Smart TVs Are Receiving Updates For PS5 Launch

There is a ton of anticipation for the next-generation platforms. We knew that 2020 would be the year that both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X would be hitting the marketplace. Fortunately, despite the health pandemic outbreak which occurred because of the coronavirus, we are still going to see the launch for both consoles this upcoming month. However, what you may not be expecting is some firmware updates getting pushed out on your smart tv purely for the upcoming PlayStation 5.

We are far past the days where TV doesn’t receive its own updates. Now it looks like Sony is really preparing the upcoming launch of their PlayStation 5 by ensuring that their line of Sony Bravia smart TVs is ready to display the PlayStation 5 as intended. This is coming in the form of a firmware update called V6.0384 which should add in the ability to display the PlayStation 5 signal of 4K 120 Hz. However, what we’re not entirely sure about at the moment is just which models of the already released Sony Bravia smart TVs are receiving this new firmware update. 

With that said, it does look like this firmware update will come packed with some other features for consumers to make use of. Still, the main focus is that Sony is gearing towards the anticipated launch of the PlayStation 5 which is being held next month. It’s a hyped-up launch and unfortunately, we’re uncertain just how many units will really be available when the consoles hit the marketplace. Some consumers have even received emails from retails like Amazon alerting that their pre-ordered units of the PlayStation 5 may not arrive at launch.

With this coronavirus health pandemic outbreak, we could very well see some retailers lacking in the number of units available. Then there’s always the case of resellers buying up stock and flipping the units online for a profit. With the holiday season upon us, this could be quite the hectic experience for consumers interested in purchasing the likes of PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X. We’re also likely going to see more online purchases happen which may mean delayed shipping across the board no matter the retailer or product. 

Source: Gamesradar