Nintendo Gets Hit With Another Joy-Con Lawsuit

The Nintendo Company has brought out some incredible iconic video game consoles over the years. It’s a company that’s also beloved by so many fans all around the world both old and young. Their latest console release was a big hit compared to their previous console, the Nintendo Wii U. With the Nintendo Switch, players were given a hybrid style console that would allow the video game console to be enjoyed as a traditional home console or taken on-the-go with thanks to the device being portable.

One of the biggest components to the Nintendo Switch was the Joy-Cons, a set of controllers that could be attached or detached from the console. Essentially playing the device as a home console would allow players to easily detach the controllers from the device or otherwise reconnected for on-the-go enjoyment. At any rate, it didn’t take players very long to find one annoying issue with the Joy-Cons and it’s the dreaded Joy-Con drift. If you own the console then chances are you’ve already experienced this problem.

Joy-Con drift is when a controller registers a movement being made when players are not actively moving the analog control stick. It’s been the subject of a previous lawsuit against Nintendo, while Nintendo had opted to repair these Joy-Cons for free. Still, it’s a problem that’s not actually fixed completely. Instead, Nintendo is producing these Joy-Cons that are likely to experience the same problem after a period of time.

Now a new lawsuit from a French non-profit consumer organization UFC-Que Choisir, who is claiming that Nintendo is willingly producing devices that will fail, forcing consumers to repurchase these peripherals. While we wait and see what happens with this lawsuit, it would seem that Nintendo could solve these problems by reworking how they produce Joy-Cons in order to eliminate the Joy-Con drift issue completely after some revisions. 

Source: VGC