Rocket League Is Now Free To Play

Rocket League was a huge hit when it launched back in 2015 by the development team Psyonix. This game was rather easy to understand as it’s essentially a futuristic soccer game with players controlling supped up cars that can race through the arena at blazing speeds to hit a massive ball into the goal of the opposing team. With the ability to race in intense speeds down the field, players can also make their vehicle jump up and block a ball or bounce it in your desired location. 

Still, fans who have been enjoying this game, there’s been on major change up starting today and that’s Rocket League going free-to-play. This came after the development team Psyonix was obtained by Epic Games. As a result, there was a move to get the game into a free to play method with microtransactions to offer players a chance to enjoy the game with default vehicles or pay for new content. In fact, there’s even a similar setup for Fortnite players as you can expect season updates that offer content based around other IPs. With this latest update making the game free, players can expect a Fortnite themed event.

The event is known as Llama Rama which is bringing players some challenges to complete. If you manage to complete all the challenges then you will be rewarded with the Battle Bus vehicle that is featured in Fortnite. Are you enjoying Rocket League right now that it’s free to enjoy? Likewise, what seasonal themes are you hoping to see get featured in Rocket League in the coming months as more players start to download the game for the first time?

Source: VGC