No Man’s Sky Origins Update Gives Players A Massive Overhaul

Hello Games delivered a massively hyped up video game back in 2016. Leading up to the release, fans couldn’t get enough information about this title that seemed endless with so much content for players to uncover for the first time. Of course, as you likely recall, the game was released and failed to meet some of the standards and features that players were looking for. That’s since changed and players are often recommended to check the game out especially if you haven’t played since the game first came out.

Now while the game is quite fun and entertaining for players now, Hello Games is wanting to make some new changes. Today we got the Origins update which makes some big overhauls. No Man’s Sky brings in the 3.0 update which Hello Games delivers fans a new richer and more varied universe. Don’t expect your bases and other content you may have stamped your name on to vanish as the goal for the developers was to not trash anything already established in the game but to further expand the title with more content. 

There are quite a few changes made to the game update as players will find new terrains, creatures, weather conditions, buildings, among other unique content awaiting for players to uncover. That’s not just content being added into already existing planets but also brand new planets that were added into the universe. Unfortunately, those that want more lore will find that this update doesn’t change anything to signify why all of these changes suddenly happen. Regardless, it’s enough of a reason to go back and check out No Man’s Sky once again. 

If you haven’t picked up a copy of No Man’s Sky yet then you can do so right now for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC platforms.

Source: IGN