Are Consumers Accidentally Purchasing Xbox One X Consoles By Mistake?

There’s a ton of hype and anticipation in the video game industry. We have the next-generation of video game console platforms upon us with the likes of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. However, it looks like while Microsoft had opened up preorders for the Xbox Series X, some overly excited fans may have purchased an Xbox One X by mistake. A new chart from Amazon is giving the internet a look into what’s popular at any given moment and it looks like the Xbox One X had a massive spike of popularity.

Video game consoles were not always complicated or easily confusing. However, things started to turn into a bit of a cluster not long ago. You could look back and say it was a mistake for Microsoft to make the Xbox successors name the Xbox 360 and then after that label its successor the Xbox One. Things only get muddy when you have the likes of the Xbox One X, Xbox One S, the next-generation Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S. I mean, even Nintendo had this problem with their 3DS, 3DS Lite, New 3DS, 3DS XL, and 2DS model lineups. It can get a bit confusing for consumers who may not be as in tune with the video game industry.

So when the Xbox Series X went up for preorder, the internet took notice that the Xbox One X, a current-generation console which has since been discontinued, has taken up the top 30 position for current video games trends on Amazon. While it’s possible that some fans wanted to ensure they have a current-generation Xbox One X before stock suddenly disappears, it’s likely quite a few consumers wanting to ensure that they have the next-generation console readily available when it launches. We’re not sure just how many of these purchases were by accident, but Amazon will likely see an influx of these consoles returned. 

In the meantime, the Xbox Series X is not slated to release until November 10, 2020, in which case you may find some of these consoles to be scarce. With so many fans interested in purchasing a unit at launch mixed with the coronavirus health pandemic outbreak, it may be a little while before you’ll get your hands on a unit.

Source: Gamespot