Insomniac Games Answers A Bunch of Questions Regarding Spider-Man: Miles Morales; No Physical Verison, No Save Data Transfer, and More

Insomniac Games has taken to Twitter to share some more details about their highly anticipated upcoming title — Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

The developer’s Twitter account has been flooded with questions from fans and they have decided to answer a few main questions. The answer to some of these questions includes — Spider-Man: Miles Morales will not have a physical copy, save data transfer from Spider-Man PS4 won’t transfer over to the PS5, and sadly, there will be no collector edition for the game.

With the PS5 release date officially confirmed, more and more developers are going to start sharing news about their upcoming games for the next generation of consoles. We will be following Insomniac Games closely as they have noted that pre-orders for Miles Morales will go up sometime this week. Stick with Gameranx for all your gaming news!

Check out the tweets from Insomniac Games down below:

In related news, Insomniac Games have released new gameplay footage for their upcoming title — Spider-Man: Miles Morales at Sony’s PlayStation 5 event.

The new gameplay trailer clocks in just under 8-minutes long and gives players an insight as to what to expect when it comes to the latest installment in Insomniac’s Spiderverse. Players will be met with Morales’ enemy, the Tinkerer who received a character intro with her motives revealed and in place. All the footage shown today has been captured on Sony’s new PlayStation 5 hardware. Check out the epic gameplay demo right here!

Spiderman: Miles Morales releases this holiday 2020 on the PlayStation 5.

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