Nintendo Switch Players Won’t Have To Wait Too Much Longer For Doom Eternal 

2020 was quite the big year for the video game industry. We got brand new installments to beloved franchises, remastered editions, remakes, along with brand new IPs. Still, those that are wanting to enjoy certain games are left waiting even if they are readily available on other platforms. For Nintendo Switch fans, there’s usually a waiting period to see certain video game titles launch onto the platform despite being available on the competition platforms. However, it won’t be much longer before we’ll see the Doom Eternal port hit the marketplace.

Doom Eternal comes from id Software as a follow-up title to the 2016 reboot release of Doom. This installment came out in March of this year where we get to step into the role of Doom Slayer who must travel back to Earth in order to save humanity from an onslaught of demonic scum that has invaded the planet. It’s not an easy job but players can make quick work of some foes with a wide variety of weapons you have at your disposal along with some new mechanics such as a grappling system. At any rate, those that wanted the game at launch had to decide on picking it up for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or PC platforms. 

We knew that this game would see a port release on the Nintendo Switch along with a launch on next-generation platforms. However, news on just when these platforms would see the game has been kept in secret. While we still don’t know just when the likes of Doom Eternal will see a release on the Nintendo Switch, id Software’s Marty Stratton recently spoke to Digital Foundry where he said that there’s always an influx of comments coming in asking where the Switch port is. 

According to Marty, the game is not in the distant future, but he couldn’t say just when it will release. The developers behind the project for the port which is Panic Button is also working from home much like other studios around the world. As a result, things are a bit slower but they are working to ensure it’s filled with everything you would expect from the game. Perhaps we’ll be seeing this game hit the marketplace before the launch of the next-generation platforms in November in which case the attention would be on the next-generation port release. 

Source: Nintendo Life