Super Mario 3D All-Stars Announced For Limited Time Release

After several rumors circulated online that we would get a 3D Mario collection on the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo has made the announcement official today. There will be a release called Super Mario 3D All-Stars and it will feature three classic Super Mario 3D video games. This should be a big hit on the Nintendo Switch as there are fans eagerly awaiting for the next Mario game release after the success of Super Mario Odyssey. Now both veteran and newcomers can get a chance to enjoy some of these classics on Nintendo’s latest console hybrid.

Of course, some rumors hinted that these games may have been remakes, but it looks like they are ports made optimized for the Nintendo Switch. Those of you who were hoping for a more enhanced Nintendo 64 copy of Super Mario 64 may be out of luck, but the gameplay will likely hold up just as well today. Alongside Super Mario 64, fans can also expect the bundle to feature Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy. This announcement is to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Mario and for fans that know they’ll want to enjoy this game, you will want to make sure to be ready for when the game launches. Unfortunately, this is going to be a limited-time release physically and possibly digitally. 

Fortunately, there won’t be a long wait to get this game as its slated to launch on September 18, 2020, which is just later this month. You can plan ahead for this game or check your local retailers at launch. However, as mentioned, this is a limited release that will apparently only be available until March 31, 2021, for digital copies. We’re not sure just how many copies will be available for the physical edition, but we’re sure that this game will likely go fast.

The problem here may be those who want a copy and are forced to pay a premium fee through resellers online. For now, we’re working with limited information, but at the very least, we can confirm that the rumor circulating online of a 3D Mario collection was in fact real. Are you going to pick up this collection on the Nintendo Switch?

Source: IGN