Ni No Kuni: Crossworlds New Trailer Showcases Latest Entry in Series

Level-5 and Netmarble have finally brought some new footage for their recently announced Ni No Kuni mobile title to their fans. Titled as Ni No Kuni Crossworlds, the new entry in the franchise seems to be taking an MMO outlook as it invites more players to join into the magical world of Ni No Kuni.

The new trailer showcases the world of Crossworlds in action and for a mobile game it looks amazing. It has the same feel that the console versions of the game has and that’s part due to the art style, musical score, and character design. The only downside to Crossworlds is that it is releasing only in Japan for the time being. Of course that can change down the road, but at the moment it will be exclusive to the Japan region.

Check out the latest trailer for Ni No Kuni: Crossworlds down below:

You are a beta tester for the virtual reality game “Soul Divers.” As you progress through the game, you start to notice that the game’s world is real. After meeting a mysterious woman named Rania, you learn your mission. To carry out your mission, you must confront powerful enemies and rebuild the kingdom… Is it possible to save the connected two worlds from ruin?

Ni No Kuni Crossworlds is still without a release date, but we do know that it won’t be coming to the West. Both Android and iOS Japanese users will be able to jump into the latest Ni No Kuni experience whenever the game launches, however, there could be a chance that the developer and publisher bring the mobile game over to the west.

Would you like to see Ni No Kuni Crossworlds come to the west? Are you excited about the mobile entry in the franchise? Let us know in the comments below!

source: YouTube, Ni No Kuni