Army Of Grandmas Is Possible But Not Probable In Watch Dogs: Legion

Ubisoft has a wide range of different popular franchises to play around with. Watch Dogs is one the more recent IPs created by Ubisoft and while the first installment was a bit of a miss, the sequel made for a rather entertaining video game. Now it looks like Ubisoft is expanded on the video game even further as they continue to tease and advertise their next installment coming to the market later this year, Watch Dogs: Legion

Watch Dogs: Legion is the next big installment where players will once again work with DedSec as they attempt to overthrow a powerful regime. However, in this particular video game title, we’re being thrown into London and fans are eager to see just how the storyline unfolds. One of the big changes to this installment compared to the previous games is the protagonist, or well, the lack of one. Instead of one particular member being highlighted in DedSec, Watch Dogs: Legion follows a group of resistance members. Best of all, the members that will be available for players to pick up and play through the game as will be determined by the player.

There’s a massive focus on recruitment in Watch Dogs: Legion. Each and every character in this game is apparently available to be recruited. Characters are generated with a wide variety of skills and perks which may make them a bit more enticing for players to seek out. Depending on the mission available, you might find that a particular skill set will be useful and if you don’t have a character available with this expertise then it may be time to start hunting down a new recruit. 

We’ve seen all sorts of different characters take a role in DedSec through the previous trailers and teasers. From hackers, construction works, and even grandmothers. That’s right one of the more showcased characters Ubisoft has teased in the past was a grandmother so that naturally had players interested in going through the game with an elderly woman that would seemingly fly well beneath the radar. However, don’t expect an army of grandmothers readily available.

While the game will generate the characters in your world, finding a fleet of grandmas available with the different perks would be very rare. This comes from Clint Hocking, the Creative Director behind Watch Dogs: Legion. Clint was recently featured on Reddit doing an AMA where he spoke about the combination of characters like a grandmother would be rather rare. Furthermore, in the Reddit post, Clint Hocking made mention that the previously highlighted permadeath feature is something that can be turned on. This may be a relief for some players who were hoping to keep some characters alive throughout the entire campaign.

At any rate, we’re still having to wait a bit longer before we can get our hands on a copy of Watch Dogs: Legion. The video game is currently slated to release on October 29, 2020, for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One platforms. With that said, there are plans to bring out a next-generation release after the console’s launch into the market. 

Source: Reddit