Halo Infinite May Not Release On Xbox One 

When it comes to Microsoft their biggest exclusive title is arguably Halo. Bungie crafted up quite the compelling and entertaining science fiction FPS. With players following a war between humanity and an assortment of aliens, there was a constant influx of newcomers joining in with each installment released. Then one day Bungie opted to leave the IP and start their own new franchise called Destiny. Leaving the IP, Microsoft put 343 Industries in charge of the game which they crafted up Halo 5: Guardians

Unfortunately, the first game released from the studio didn’t hit well with fans and it left the development team likely in a big rush to bring out a new installment that fans would enjoy. It’s been a few years of waiting but during E3 2019 we finally got the big reveal for Halo Infinite. While fans didn’t get any gameplay footage, they did receive a new cinematic trailer which helps set the premise a bit with players experiencing a storyline featuring Master Chief in an attempt to overthrow an alien regime taking out humanity. 

Fans were told that E3 2020 would be the event to mark on their calendars for the gameplay footage premiere. Well, as you all know that event didn’t happen much like other in-person events around the world. Thanks to this coronavirus health pandemic outbreak, most events were cancelled and it left companies to take their showcase online through streams. In July we got the big reveal of Halo Infinite’s gameplay. For fans, this reveal was by far a lackluster event as they took to the internet and made note of their disappointment in the development’s team lack of detail.

What was meant to be the next stunning chapter to the franchise left fans feeling that 343 Industries may not have what it takes to pick up the IP and deliver content that Bungie was able to craft initially. This ultimately forced the development team to delay the game which meant that the Xbox Series X was going to launch without the Halo title alongside it. Rumors have been flooding the internet on why the studio may have been falling behind on the development project. With that said, 343 Industries has been releasing statements disputing these supposed rumors that came from certain publication sources.

Now another insider is making claims that may suggest what 343 Industries is doing now to keep progressing going. This comes from Sponger on Resetera who has been known in the past to release credible leaks. According to Sponger, the development team is having some problems with providing a stable performance on certain Xbox One models and it’s leaving the team wondering if progressing forward with an Xbox One release is the right move. It would seem that the development studio has plans to move forward with just a PC and Xbox Series X release, but that’s not confirmed.

With Halo Infinite being delayed, there is a barrage of rumors going around online with certain ones picking up more heat than others. Until an official announcement comes out, there’s no real way of knowing just what the development team has plans for, but those that are planning to get the Xbox One version of Halo Infinite may be hopeful this is nothing more than a rumor.

Source: Resetera