New Mod Makes Mario 64 PC Port Look Incredible 

When it comes to Nintendo’s IP, they are very protective. Don’t expect a fan game to make its release especially if the game is announced prior to the launch. We understand why it’s tough to not announce a project. You’re proud of the work and want to hype up its launch for others. However, once Nintendo gets word of an unofficial game in the works, they are usually pretty quick to throw out some legal threats. As a result, these games tend to die off well before they are ready for a grand online launch.

That wasn’t the case for Mario 64 PC port. A fan managed to bring out a PC port for the Nintendo 64 classic and with it comes all kinds of mods such as running the game in 60 FPS along with widescreen support. In fact, once this game came out and fans quickly started to download and share it, Nintendo was quick to try in eliminating the hosting websites. Unfortunately for Nintendo, once something uploads online it’s usually impossible to fully remove it.

Now we’re constantly seeing some mods get tossed online for the game with the latest being quite impressive. One fan managed to bring out some massive upgrades to the textures and character models for the game. It certainly looks like a game that Nintendo would release today on the Nintendo Switch. Everything looks very defined now and we’re sure that this will become the best way to enjoy this game today.

With that said, there have been rumors circulating online that Nintendo has plans to unveil several remakes for their classic Mario 3D games including the Mario 64 title. Perhaps we’ll see if Nintendo can bring out something that will top this mod and project that will officially release on the Nintendo Switch.

Source: YouTube