New Footage Showcases Super Nintendo World In Action

It’s been a few years in the works now but we are getting closer to the grand opening of Super Nintendo World. This Nintendo themed park is something that will be attached to different Universal Studios parks and while we know that a few parks are in the works right now, the first grand opening event is set to take place in Universal Studios Japan. The theme park is set to be a bit different between the various locations, but overall, you can expect Nintendo’s IP to be presented in a variety of events and rides.

Originally, the park section in Japan was set to be unveiled for the public this year, however, due to the health pandemic outbreak that is the coronavirus, it looks like we are going to see the park grand opening take a bit longer than expected. As you can imagine, there will be plenty of rides that will feature Mario and his friends such as Yoshi and likely the nefarious enemy, Bowser. It’s not surprising to see so many gamers interested in attending the park and while we are likely going to wait a bit longer for official trailers or videos within the park, new footage has come out.

This latest video showcased an aerial shot of the park with some of the animatronics on. You can see some of the movements going such as the coins rotating, a Yoshi walking around along with a stuck green shell bouncing back and forth. It’s certainly an exciting first look at some of the park being functional, but we’ll, of course, have to wait and see the entire thing in action once it’s ready for the public reveal. 

You can check out the video footage featured in the Twitter post embedded above. Likewise, what are you hoping to see represented in Super Nintendo World when it officially launches for the general public to attend? 

Source: Twitter