Epic Games Store Offering 3 Free Games Next Week

For years, Valve had essentially complete control over the digital marketplace in terms of PC video games. If you wanted to enjoy a new game, chances are you were on the digital storefront and making the purchase. The company had years to perfect its software and marketplace which included a variety of features such as achievements for players to acquire. While other companies attempted to bring out their own digital marketplace service for PC gamers, none tended to offer very much competition against Steam. That was until recently when Epic Games Store made its big debut.

The Epic Games Store had the funds and willpower to really make a big difference in the digital PC marketplace. Epic mainly did it in a few different ways that helped out the developers along with the publishers. For instance, Epic Games Store offers a better revenue cut on its digital storefront for the IP owners. This allows the developers to ensure they are able to benefit releasing their game on the storefront exclusively. Furthermore, this is also done through a variety of contract deals Epic Games will offer to secure a game on their platform for a duration of time.

So while Steam is losing out on games for a period of time that rubbed some gamers the wrong way, there were another means to give players at least on the Epic Games Store. Each week Epic Games Store offers free video game titles to claim and keep forever. All that is required is a free account on the Epic Games Store and simply claiming your free video game copy within a week’s time. The video games offered were also enticing for a ton of players as you can find some great little indie hits to massive AAA titles. This week in particular we were supposed to get Hue and Conan Exiles. Unfortunately, it looks like Conan Exiles was dropped without any reasoning offered. Instead, the game would hit the marketplace on Epic Games Store at a later date which players can purchase if they please.

With that said, we do know that next week starting on June 9, 2020, we are going to see three video game titles offered for free. Those free video game titles are Killing Floor 2, Lifeless Planet: Premier Edition, and lastly, The Escapists 2. If you want to secure these games, you’ll want to make sure you make a free EGS account and claim the titles starting on July 9 and no later than July 16. 

Source: Epic Games Store