Is Prop Hunt Coming For Call of Duty: Warzone?

There is a ton of popular battle royale games available in the market, but only a few tend to really stand out from the others. Likewise, to keep fans from getting burnt out on the title, there is usually a plethora of updates that help bring in new content for the game. It will help give players something new to try or perhaps a different meta to take out the competition. Now it’s looking like we could find a popular game mode hit the Call of Duty: Warzone title soon.

Call of Duty: Warzone has certainly a name recognition following that will give players a reason to check in on the game. It’s also proven to be quite popular as you’ll find the same gameplay style from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, but with a massive map and over a hundred participants looking to be the last man standing. Of course, there are other game modes that would squad you up with other players or friends, but the gameplay mainly is the same throughout. Players drop into the map, gather resources, take out the competition, and slowly move into safe zones when the map starts to shrink down.

With that said, we could soon see Prop Hunt make an appearance in the game. There have been some files leaked from the game making references to the game mode. If you’re unfamiliar with Prop Hunt, it’s essentially a supped up game of hide and seek. Players are split into two teams where a team of props can freely going around the map and change into any object they desire. From there they will attempt to hide in the map where the other team must attempt to find and shoot all the props.

Various games offer different mechanics to this game mode. Some will implement a feature in which the object will automatically make a noise after a duration of time, offering the seekers a chance to narrow down a hidden player. Others make it to where players can trigger sounds as they please, to taunt the seekers. Likewise, props are able to move and change into other objects at any time they wish making the gameplay at times chaotic when a prop is discovered when bolting to a new location. 

Of course, there is no confirmation that this feature is coming as we’ve only seen reports of leaked files inside the game. We’re sure that this is something that the developers are considering but we also imagine that the map size could be shrunk down a bit as it would be difficult to locate small props hidden inside this massive open area in Call of Duty: Warzone.

Source: Comic Book