Xbox July 2020 Games With Gold Titles Revealed

Both Sony and Microsoft offer a premium subscription service for their consoles. While there’s a variety of means to tempt consumers in paying a fee monthly or yearly, one of the benefits that joining the subscription service for either Sony or Microsoft is the free video game titles.

Each month, Sony and Microsoft offer a number of video game titles free of charge and available for gamers to enjoy until they stop the subscription service. We now know what video game titles will be releasing to Gold members for Xbox Live this coming month for July 2020. If you’re after for something new to enjoy on either the Xbox One or Xbox 360, then check out the latest upcoming offerings.

Xbox One July 2020

  • WRC 8 FIA World Rally Championship
  • Dunk Lords

Xbox 360 July 2020

  • Saints Row 2
  • Juju

It’s worth noting that the video games titles offered on the Xbox 360 platform are also compatible with the Xbox One. Of course, to enjoy any of these video game titles at all then you will need to be a subscriber for the Microsoft premium service which would grant you other features as well. Players would be able to enjoy online multiplayer along with discounts or exclusive offers.

However, if you’re simply after video game titles to enjoy on a regular basis then you may find more interest in the Xbox Game Pass subscription. This would give you a catalog of video game titles to enjoy along with some exclusive launch titles that will be available on the subscription pass right when the game releases into the market.

Source: YouTube