Too Human Emerges Back Online But For Free On Xbox One

We don’t fault you if you don’t recall Too Human. The video game was developed under Silicon Knights in 2008 for the Xbox 360. This game was the first title set to be a trilogy that would likely go into the Xbox One platform.

Overall, the narrative journey was based around Norse mythology as players were forced to battle against Loki’s army. Unfortunately, that trilogy will not come to fruition as a legal battle between development studio Silicon Knights and Epic Games took place. Essentially the legal battles were over Unreal Engine 3 which Silicon Knights attempted to sue Epic Games claiming they did not provide necessary support or a suitable engine. 

Epic Games was able to prove that the developers were breaching their contracts on top of copyright infringement. At the end of the battle, Silicon Knights were countersued for $4.45 million where the developers were forced to recall all unsold copies of Too Human.

We also reported back in 2013 when the game was pulled digitally. However, now it looks like the title is being offered for free. It’s a bit of a surprise to see it return for free but at the same time, it’s a game that didn’t meet a massive reception. Likewise, this game is not complete as there were intentions to make it a trilogy. Still, it’s a bit nice to see that the work developers put into the game will get to be enjoyed today. 

Source: MP1ST