Gaming Icon Pac-Man is Coming to Minecraft as DLC [Video]

Nintendo has released a new video announcing that the gaming icon, Pac-Man is coming to Minecraft as a DLC character.

Check out the new trailer released down below:

The new trailer gives players a quick look at the iconic character in Minecraft and it certainly a crossover you won’t want to miss. Pac-Man and his crew of enemy ghosts will all make an appearance in this epic crossover.

2020 commemorates Pac-Man’s 40th anniversary and to celebrate the occasion Mojan Studios has announced that the gaming legend will be added to the game as a DLC character. Players will be able to play as Pac-Man as they are tasked with completing ten stages of classic arcade-style gameplay. When players finish all ten stages it is up to you to let the creative juices flow as you create new stages using Minecraft’s building and crafting system.

Pac-Man can be found at Minecraft’s Marketplace where you can find more information on how to access this awesome crossover.

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Source: Nintendo Youtube