Dead by Daylight Silent Hill Crossover Revealed

Fans of the Silent Hill franchise has been waiting for years now on the next installment to the franchise and the franchise has always found itself on headlines from a variety of rumors along with supposed leaks. Unfortunately, nothing official has been unveiled yet, but we do know that the iconic survival horror IP is being featured in a new crossover event on Dead by Daylight. This new crossover will bring some iconic characters and a new setting for players to go through.

Dead by Daylight is a game where a group of survivors attempts to complete tasks while avoiding the hostile creature enemy. Several crossovers have occurred for this game so far, but we’re sure that there will be an influx of players jumping into the game just to experience the closet thing to a Silent Hill game in a very long time. While this is certainly not an official new installment, fans will be facing against the series iconic antagonist from Silent Hill 2, Pyramid Head.

That’s not all, while Pyramid Head is the antagonist force in this game crossover, players will also have the ability to take the role of Heather Mason, or otherwise known as Cheryl from the franchise. It’s been a long time since this character model was used officially so fans of Silent Hill 3 should be looking forward to checking out the character once again.

Furthermore, there is a new map available for players to go play within. This time around players will have the ability to go through Midwich Elementary School. While there will be some points taken on how the various characters may not match up from the original franchise, we’re sure that at this point, fans would be eager just to dive into anything Silent Hill related. After a slew of rumors, here’s hoping that enough positive reception from this crossover event will send a message for Konami to revisit the iconic IP.

Source: YouTube