Resident Evil Ambassador Members Can Expect An Announcement Next Month

Resident Evil is a well-known video game franchise to say the least. It’s been around since the early years of the original PlayStation and today the series is still going strong with new mainline installments, spin-offs, to even remakes. For a series that is so beloved by gamers all around the world, Capcom is trying its best to deliver content that players would want to enjoy. There are a few ways the developers can research and gather information for their next game development. However, one of the more popular areas right now for the developers is using their Resident Evil Ambassador program.

This program is a free subscription service that would deliver fans of the franchise special news. The longer you stick with the program and provide feedback, the higher-tier you become. Eventually, you may get the opportunity to test new projects out and provide crucial feedback. In the past, this service has gathered testers for Resident Evil: Resistance along with content that related to Resident Evil 7. Now it looks like Capcom has something planned for the Resident Evil Ambassador program once again.

No information has been released, but Capcom has released a statement indicating that the members should see some type of an announcement on June 10, 2020. This has sparked plenty of speculation online on just what this could be. Since their latest projects are already available in the market, perhaps we may see something in regards to the rumored next-generation projects. These include the likes of a Resident Evil 4 Remake to even a Resident Evil 8 release.

At any rate, we’ll have to wait until June 10, 2020, for information to start appearing online. Of course, while we wait, we want to know what you think Capcom may be announcing next. Likewise, let us know what you hope to see next from Capcom. With the remakes being hits for the development studio, there is still plenty of fans hoping that there would be a next mainline installment released sooner rather than later.

Source: SP1st