Mod Lets You Play Super Mario Odyssey Using Mario 64 Rom

The Mario franchise has been incredibly popular over the years and everyone has their favorite title from the series. However, the first time we really got a look at Mario with 3D graphics came from the Nintendo 64 release, Super Mario 64. It’s become not only an iconic Mario game but a platformer title that helped paved the way for so many other games afterwards. As a result, the fandom for this game continues to live on and we’ve seen some pretty incredible fan projects based around the title.

Today we’re finding out about a unique and quite remarkable fan mod. It looks like one modder by the name of Kaze Emanuar has taken Super Mario 64 and replicated the game of Super Mario Odyssey. There’s a lot to take in with this mod, as it looks like there’s more than just some assets that were crafted up to look like the worlds found in Super Mario Odyssey. You’ll find world creations to game mechanics added into this title.

You’ll be able to use your hat companion to take the form of different enemies and characters along the journey. This is also required to simply progress through certain levels after all. While this is quite a remarkable mod available for Super Mario 64, we’re not sure just how long this will live on. Nintendo has been pretty notorious for shutting down fan projects and something as big as this is surely on their radar already.

In the meantime, you can see the footage from this game in the trailer posted above. Meanwhile, in other Nintendo news regarding Mario, rumors have been circulating online that we may see a remastered collection of 3D Mario titles release on the Nintendo Switch. Of course, those are just rumors at the moment and nothing official has been unveiled.

Source: YouTube