Indie Team Pitches Seinfeld Game With Online Demonstration

There are a ton of great shows that probably come to mind when we hear the word sitcom. It’s not unusual to hear some of the same shows get recommend around even after they have come to an end. However, the most iconic show to continue living on well past its finale date in 1998 is Seinfeld. Often described as a show about nothing, the series mainly follows comedian Jerry Seinfeld as he goes about his day with a wacky cast of characters.

Something always goes wrong and while the series was set in the 1990s, the show continues to find an audience. Netflix dropped over $500 million to gain rights for the show in 2021 so that should tell you that there is still a massive audience that are eager to sit down and watch this cast of characters throughout its several seasons run. For those that have been hoping a reunion series is in the works, the creators have repeatedly expressed they have no interest in returning to the show.

That’s at least in a show format, but two indie developers are hoping that they can get the graces of Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David, the masterminds behind Seinfeld, to allow a point-and-click adventure game to be made. In fact, in order to pitch the idea to the duo, this team went ahead and crafted a pitch and posted it online. This pitch shows a bit of what the game could look like with a generic idea that they had in mind.

Apparently, this indie game will be a brand new story with players being able to take the role of Jerry, George, and Elaine. Meanwhile, the story will apparently be in forms of episodic releases with the first being about getting rid of an email that Jerry sent out. While it may be a long shot for this game to reach a deal and go into production, there are plenty of interest already building up online. If you’re familiar with Seinfeld, would you be interested in a point-and-click adventure game?

Source: YouTube