PS Blog Offers Essential Tips to Surviving in Resident Evil 3 & Resistance

Resident Evil 3 hits the market today and for those who are struggling with the game so far, fear not, as PlayStation Blog has just uploaded a handful of tips for surviving the nightmare.

Check out the essential tips down below:

Resident Evil 3:

  1. Bright Lights, Big City– Jill will be spending some time on the streets of the city she once called home, and fortunately for you, a map of Raccoon City is readily available to navigate your way around. Make good use of it, as your map can tell you if you’ve missed items in an area, and even keep track of locked doors.
  2. Mix It Up– Resident Evil 3 continues this long tradition, making for an easy way to restore your health in a pinch. Red herbs are less common, but they don’t have any useful properties on their own. Make sure you have some spare green herbs to mix with them to create powerful healing items!
  3. Tall, Dark, and Deadly– You already know that Nemesis is a towering force to be reckoned with. It won’t go down without a fight, but you can knock Nemesis down… for a short while. What you do after that is your call, but sticking around won’t do you much good. If you want to stand your ground, bring your strongest weaponry, and make sure to practice your perfect dodges
  4. Dear Diary– This is an easy one — remember to save your game at typewriters regularly, especially if you just did something cool, saved a bunch of ammo, or made a flawless escape from a hungry horde. You never know what’s lurking around the next corner, so locking in your progress is always a good idea. Saving is free, so safe often!

Resident Evil Resistance:

  1. Did You Hear That? No matter if you squad up with a trusty group of allies, or make some new friends as you play, being respectful and supportive of your allies while talking through matches will help you make it to the end.
  2. Know Your Limits– Both Survivors and Masterminds have a suite of abilities at their disposal, so don’t be afraid to take the time to learn the ins and outs of each as you play a few matches. For Survivors, that means figuring out the best time to use your powerful Fever Skills. Tyrone’s Rally can lessen damage when a Tyrant shows up, for example, while Becca’s Bullet Storm is great for clearing out rooms of enemies with the right weapon in hand.

Resident Evil 3 makes it highly anticipated release today. To celebrate the occasion, Capcom has released a short, but sweet launch trailer. To read more about the launch trailer right here.

Resident Evil 3’s reviews already surfaced the internet and fans across the web are enjoying the game immensely, although the game length can get in the way of the fun. Read our review roundup right here.

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Source: PS Blog