Gears 5 Operation 3: Gridiron Arrives Today and Brings New Characters, Maps, and Much More

Developers, The Coalition Studios have taken to Twitter to announce that the very next content drop for Gears 5 has arrived in the form of Operation 3.

The very new update titled Operation 3 is set to bring a slew of new content to Gears 5 including new maps, weapons, challenges and much more. In addition, the new content will bring a set of new achievements to the table for players to earn and complete challenges.

The new update Operation 3 will have arrived today and thankfully the developers have released patch notes for it, which you can check out down below:


  • Extensive Versus Tuning update. Full details here.
  • Ranked: Users now need to be level 30 or above to play in Ranked unless joining as part of a Level 30+ player’s squad
  • Ranked: Split-screen users can no longer play in Ranked, except for 2v2 Gnashers
  • Bot behavior improvements across every difficulty
    • Bots will less frequently follow the same path/clump together in packs
    • Bots will less frequently use long-range weapons in situations where short range weapons are appropriate (and vice versa)
    • Bots will now make use of cover more frequently
    • Beginner bots will now roadie-run when appropriate
  • Bots will no longer backfill for players in TDM Quickplay
  • Round timeouts will no longer cause King of the Hill matches to end on the first round
  • Meatshields should now more consistently protect the user from explosive damage
  • Improved consistency of finishing off DBNO opponents with melee when holding a meatshield
  • Addressed an issue where pulling back on the analog stick at certain angles could sometimes cause cover slides to not be cancelled
  • Addressed an issue that could cause cover slip animations to sometimes not replicate smoothly between clients, making them appear like they are moving at much higher speeds
  • Players can no longer be chainsawed mid-roll
  • Players will no longer receive a prolonged stagger if hit with melee by a player slightly above them.
  • Players can no longer end up in an unarmed state by trading and dropping weapons at the same time
  • Fixed an issue that allowed a player to ignore being into a DBNO state by being grenade tagged by a Smoke or Flashbang by entering the slide animation
  • Fixed an issue where a player grenade tagged in the back could no longer take cover
  • Fixed an issue that could cause severe server corrections if a player initiates a swat turn or roll immediately after having a cover move blocked by a player
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a Retro Lancer charge to cancel instantly if performed shortly after cancelling/finishing the initial one
  • Resolved an issue where, sometimes, players could teleport if staggered while wall-bouncing
  • Fixed an issue that allowed sidearms to be traded after dropping both primary weapons, which could also cause the player to end up in an unarmed state
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Lancer GL to be stuck in grenade firing mode with no laser if the user pauses while holding the grenade firing button


  • Characters received extensive tuning in Operation 3. Get all the details here in our Horde tuning update post.
  • Lizzie entering or exiting a Silverback should now be correctly visually replicated for other players
  • Jack no longer jitters when carrying the Fabricator
  • Kat’s Decoy ability will now run through barriers


  • Extensive Horde Tuning update. Full details here.
  • Horde Frenzy: Added all maps to matchmaking
  • Escape specific weapon tuning updates (on top of the additional changes listed in Horde Weapon Tuning)
    • Longshot: Increased headshot damage
    • EMBAR: Increased headshot damage
    • Boltok: Increased starting magazine size from 1 to 2
    • Snub: Increased starting magazine size from 1 to 3
    • Talon: Increased stating magazine size from 1 to 3
  • Jackbot now has HUD indications for when he is flash banged
  • Jackbot can now be more reliably revived when near a boss
  • Reduced Imago enforcer damage per bullet to 15 (was 20) to reduce instances of players being instantly downed with 5 modifiers enabled and up
  • Fixed an issue where the Dropshot may break or be unable to fire when Hijacking a Dropshot Scion
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to drop grenades and have Keegan pick them up to gain 7 with the Grenade Pouch card
  • Horde Frenzy: Fixed an issue that could cause the last boss wave to sometimes only have 2 mini bosses on Exhibit
  • The Detour: Leeches will no longer sometimes die immediately after spawning in the last wave of reinforcements
  • The Trap: Players can no longer get stuck in the top of the door if they are in the doorway when it closes
  • Players will now see the outline of a Flock update in real time when marked but not visible to the player (ie. seen through a wall)
  • Players that die will their Ultimate is active will no longer have their Ultimate fully recharged after being revived
  • Crawlers will no longer initiate self destruction after spawning in as reinforcement in Escape
  • Sires will no longer initiate a Sire Grab when a player is on a different elevation


  • Icebound: The mantle cover on top of the slides have returned for Horde only. This will provide a more comfortable defensive position in the towers for players
  • Icebound: The side windows in the trading post are now always blocked off except for Horde. These changes are to reduce rifle suppression towards the spawn areas and allow more traversal across the map
  • Icebound: The blizzard is now denser and lasts for 30 seconds rather than 15. This change is to allow more opportunities to traverse across the map. In Horde, the timing remains the same but the blizzard will also be denser.
  • Icebound: The blizzard still triggers every 2 minutes for all PVP modes except for Gridiron. In Gridiron, the blizzard triggers at the 1-minute mark and will only trigger that one time per round
  • Allfather’s Arena: Fixed an issue where users could end up on top of cover
  • Vasgar: Spectator camera will no longer shake when players are moving against certain high cover pieces
  • The Pit: Fixed an issue where rolling onto a slide could cause sporadic movement
  • Tiles: Fixed an issue that could cause a Pouncer’s tail to get caught and stretch
  • Tiles: General improvements to some tiles to improve cover, reduce clipping or address camera issues
  • Tiles: Fixed an issue that could cause a player to fall through the map when tagged with a flash grenade while in a struggle with a Sire


  • Keyboard and Mouse: Returning to the previous menu via back/thumb button on the mutator selection screen for matchmaking now responds consistently to input
  • Split-Screen: Setting dynamic shadows to ultra will no longer add a layer of fog/atmosphere over player two’s screen
  • Fixed an issue causing Escape Map The Hive’s ambient lights to be too dark, causing players to be unable to see properly


  • Accessibility: Numerous improvements and bug fixes for the Narrator feature
  • Accessibility: Toggle Aim will now reset to off when putting accessibility options to default
  • Audio: Reduced volume of Escape Snatcher intro
  • Audio: Team announcer will now announce when pistols are placed in loadout
  • Audio: Fixed an audio starvation issue when multiple Trishots are being fired
  • UI: Fixed an issue causing players to see a black screen instead of an Omen on death if they are killed before transitioning to the end of the match
  • UI: Free For All weapon icons are now more accurately aligned to their in-game location on the overhead
  • UI: Player column on the right no longer cuts into the overhead map
  • UI: Fortification health and ammo bars will no longer extend beyond the limit
  • UI: Completing a match with Tac-Com open will no longer cause the MVP screen to appeari n Tac-Com
  • Campaign: Fixed an issue that could cause Del to fall out of world in an Act 2 cinematic under very specific conditions, blocking progression
  • Campaign: Fixed an issue where suiciding as the player kills the Act 2 boss will cause cinematic audio to play when the checkpoint is restarted
  • Co-Op Campaign: Fixed an issue that could cause the game to enter a broken state if a user loaded in while reloading the checkpoint during the first combat encounter
  • Co-Op Campaign: Fixed an issue that could cause Jack’s abilities and components to be missing / unusable when players stop playing as Jack
  • Campaign Lobby: Host can now select Customization when opening the menu from the Campaign Lobby while a second controller is signed in locally
  • Split Screen: Split screen players can now see each other’s Gears Allies card.
  • Players can no longer force a Swarm model on COG team and vice versa
  • Fixed severe clipping when grenade tagging a meatshield
  • Fixed an issue that allowed other weapons to Chainsaw if a player dropped a Lancer while chainsawing
  • Explosions in water will now produce splash VFX on Multiplayer Maps

Gears 5 Operation 3 is now available to download for all players. To view the full patch notes, you can do so right here.

Are you excited for this new update? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to stay right here at Gameranx for the latest gaming news releasing.

Source: Gears 5 Blog