Select Press Conferences For E3 2020 May Still Happen Online

The coronavirus is a hot topic right now, there are plenty of outlets covering the virus and we’re sure you are all familiar with the virus. It’s caused quite a bit of an issue so far for several industries including the gaming industry. From GDC being pushed back to the summer of this year to now, E3 being cancelled this year altogether, we’re seeing quite a few events being hit that would have showcased some new video game titles and hardware reveals. 

While E3 2020 is not going to happen this year, we may still see some conferences take place online to showcase what is coming out in the near future. Already, since the E3 cancellation announcement, both Microsoft’s Phil Spencer and Ubisoft are looking to provide gamers an entertainment livestream in the near future to take place instead of E3.

Neither of the companies has yet to make any official announcement on when these streams will take place, but it’s apparent that both are looking to showcase the conference initially planned for E3. We’re interested in seeing just what companies opt to take online for video game conference showcase. After all, E3 usually had quite a few conferences, but with E3 just now being cancelled this year, it may be a few days before companies really start to alert followers if they will have a showcase event online or not. 

At any rate, there is still plenty of fans that are still waiting to see where Sony will be unveiling the PlayStation 5 along with when Microsoft will take to the internet in order to really unveil the Xbox Series X. With that said, we’re uncertain if these platforms will get pushed back from entering the market due to the coronavirus or if production for both consoles will still go on without any problems from factories closing due to the virus spread. 

Source: PC Gamer