Epic Games Store Adds Wishlist Feature 

When Epic Games Store launched, it had some stiff competition to go up against, with the biggest being Valve’s Steam storefront. It was a battle to get attention, but Epic made some big moves in order to get people on the Epic Games Store. For instance, the digital marketplace client offers gamers free video game titles each week which is yours to keep forever, just as long as you claim them. Likewise, Epic has made several deals to bring video game titles to EGS for timed exclusivity. 

While there are plenty of users on the Epic Games Store, there are still several missing features that set the store apart from Valve’s Steam. That’s something Epic has been working to fix and as a result, we’re starting to see these changes get implemented. The latest to be added into EGS are wishlists. 

Wishlists are popular on several video game client marketplaces. It’s a means to chart out video game titles that you would like to purchase later on or potentially even receive as gifts. As a result, marking down the games can be common practice and now you’ll have the ability to do so on the Epic Games Store. There will be a heart icon next to the purchase selection for each video game title. Simply click the heart and you’ll find the title has been added into your wishlist.

Right now, the wishlist is a bit primitive compared to other marketplaces. In the future, there will likely be updates to allow users the ability to filter through the wishlists along with receiving notifications when a title is on sale. At any rate, Epic is moving its digital marketplace in the right direction, even if it does take them a little while before these features are rolled out to the public.

Source: PC Gamer