E3 2020 Has Been Cancelled

Each year there are a few different events and expos that really focus on video games and the industry. However, arguably the biggest expo each year is E3 with the event showcasing new video games and hardware that will be coming out in the near future. Unfortunately, the health scare has not caused E3 to be cancelled altogether this year.

We’re sure you are all familiar with the coronavirus. You can’t get away from headlines, blog posts and social media alerts regarding the virus. This virus is also causing several events to either be postponed or cancelled. At first, with the likes of PAX East, we’ve seen companies decide to hold off from attending to help prevent any potential of spreading the coronavirus or catching it.

This bled over to GDC where the entire event was postponed. Now the ESA has officially announced that E3 2020 is cancelled. This is all due to the health and safety of everyone that would be at the event. While E3 had been shifting towards a more celebratory event, there were still several conferences and reveals held each year. Now it looks like there may be an online showcase for these different conferences.

Unfortunately, nothing is set in stone on what companies will hold an online conference, but already Phil Spencer from Xbox has taken to Twitter to alert followers that a digital event will happen, but Microsoft has yet to unveil when the event will take place. At any rate, we’re sure there are plenty of fans that are eager to hear about the Xbox Series X along with the PlayStation 5. With that said, it would be interesting to see if the coronavirus will affect just when the platforms will make its way out into the market.

Source: ESA