Leaked Final Fantasy 7 Remake Box Art Reveals Hefty Storage Requirements

Final Fantasy has been a long-running video game franchise and its one that had brought in plenty of newcomers to the series with each installment. One of the more cherished installments that released in the franchise happened to be Final Fantasy 7 which a critical hit both for its gameplay and narrative experience. Originally released back on the PlayStation, it’s been a title that fans have requested to be remade from Square Enix ever since.

Luckily, this generation will finally see that remake comes to fruition. It may have taken Square Enix a rather long time to bring it into the market, but now that we’re getting close to its release date, more information is starting to get unveiled. What we didn’t know until today is just how much storage space the game would require on the PlayStation 4 hard drive. Now thanks to a leaked image that if proved to be real, can confirm that we will need a 100 GB of storage space.

100 GB is quite a hefty chunk of space for a PlayStation 4 and we’re sure that it could be rather close to that number. This is a big RPG and with its experience comes not only the gameplay aspect but the cinematic experiences littered throughout the storyline. Unfortunately, this leaked image that showcases the hard drive space has yet to be confirmed but it’s not something that will stay hidden for too much longer.

Currently, Final Fantasy 7 is slated to launch on April 10, 2020, exclusively for the PlayStation 4. It’s worth mentioning that the exclusive deal is something that will last a year before we see this game make its way onto other platforms.

Source: IGN