Review Roundup: Zombie Army Dead 4 is a Fun Co-op Based Multiplayer Shooter, That Can Get Repetitive

Rebellion Developments latest multiplayer shooter title, Zombie Army Dead 4 is set to release tomorrow and early reviews for the game has been released!

From early reviews, the game seems to be a success! This is pretty good news as the game had a lot of anticipation. The game is known for having co-op based gameplay and Zombie Army 4 seems to nail that aspect on the head. However, as the game progresses, it seems that the game becomes a little tedious.

Down below are some of the most respectable gaming sites in the industry, check out the highlights for their reviews on Rebellion Developments latest multiplayer shooter title— Zombie Army 4:

Push Square 80

Zombie Army 4: Dead War is one of the best co-operative focused games on PS4. Its meaty campaign boasts of impressive level variety, a superb control scheme, and enjoyable gameplay mechanics while a Horde mode tests your abilities to the max. Rebellion has crafted an experience with so much to see and do that it could take a group of players weeks to master everything on offer — a crowning success for this type of game. Zombie Army 4: Dead War is an absolute riot of a title that is just as cheeky as it is fun to play.

Screen Rant 80

With a unique combination of ideas and gameplay mechanics, Zombie Army 4: Dead War somehow manages to make killing Nazi Zombies feel fresh and new.

Trusted Reviews 80

Zombie Army 4: Dead War offers a new beginning to a spin-off series that deserved more attention, trading a few elements that made it stand out at first with a more ambitious take on multiplayer without abandoning its roots.

GamesRadar+ 70

In its self-aware campiness and macabre action, there is a contagious confidence in Zombie Army 4 that will leave anyone who plays it a fan of this exciting co-op shooter.

Hardcore Gamer 70

While cumbersome controls and an oddly-behaving combo meter can betray the underlining intention of pace and of orderly chaos ruling over, Zombie Army 4: Dead War does just enough to shun these unfortunate moments. Players voluntarily, not forcibly, involving themselves with such madness with sufficiently-positive results.

VG247 60

Zombie Army 4 is the reanimated corpse of gaming’s past, stitched together from the best bits of Sniper Elite. It’s a B-movie pastiche stuffed with classic movie references and thousands of heads (and bollocks) to pop. But most importantly, it’s a new game. A new, fairly-enjoyable video game in 2020 – what a concept.

Game Revolution 50

Killing zombie Hitler should be a highlight of any experience as any chance to squash Nazi scum should be. But in Zombie Army 4’s campaign, it was more of a relief as it signaled the end of a tedious, monotonous experience that was only bolstered by the ability to get through it with other people.

In related news, developers Rebellion Developments released a new in-depth trailer for their highly anticipated game. The in-depth trailer gives players a rundown of what to expect from the game and if the trailer is anything to go by, fans will be in for a chaotic, treat.

New features such as new enemies and weapons will be present and that just means this game might be better than we expect. Learn more about the upcoming gamer right here!

Zombie Army 4: Dead War arrives on all platforms February 4, 2020. What are your thoughts on this game? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to stay right here at Gameranx for the latest gaming news releasing.

Source: Metacritic