Apex Legends Still Coming To Mobile Devices And Chinese Market 

Apex Legends was a surprise release. The battle royale video game genre was a huge success and over the years we’ve seen plenty of games release that is not only free-to-play but gather incredible fan base. While the genre was mainly dominated by Fornite Electronic Arts made the surprise reveal when Respawn Entertainment launched Apex Legends in 2019. No information was given out prior which made headlines and players all over the world decided to give the sudden surprise video game drop a chance.

With it being quite a success, it wasn’t surprising to see EA and Respawn Entertainment offer updates and support to keep fans interested. This title mainly focuses on three-man squads where several teams drop into the map and work together as they attempt to be the last team standing. Other than that, the game features a variety of heroes for players to choose from giving a team a diverse set of abilities when various situations come up against opposing players.

It was a good competitor to Fortnite and fans are still enjoying the game though EA has yet to release the game in China. Likewise, it was previously stated that the game would find its way on mobile devices. EA has not forgotten about the markets in China nor fans that wouldn’t mind enjoying the game on-the-go with their mobile smartphones. Recently, EA’s financial officer Blake Jorgensen held a Q3 earnings call and it was during the call that EA was able to confirm that they have a partner in China. 

With this partner, EA will soon be able to bring Apex Legends to China. This partner is also stated to be working on a port for mobile devices. Smartphone adaptations from beloved franchises can be touchy so it would be interesting to see how an Apex Legends mobile game would work. For now, it seems that there is no release date for either the China market release or the mobile adaptation launch.

Source: PC Gamer