Dead by Daylight Reckoning Rift Introduces Battlepass Tier System to the Game

Dead by Daylight will be receiving a major update in the form of the Reckoning content update, which is set to bring a battle pass tier system to the asymmetrical multiplayer title.

Yes, you heard that correct. Fans of the game will be delighted to find out that a new content drop called “Reckoning” will grace fans of the game with an all-new battle pass system. The new battle pass will bring over 60 cosmetic items alongside including 10 new outfits. The Rift Pass will cost 1000 Auric Cells or those who do not want to pay, there will be a free tier pass that offers fewer items, but nonetheless free.

The Rift Pass comes a bit as a surprise, as there was no real indication of Behaviour Interactive was going to turn to a battle pass system. However, this is great news for fans of the game as this will easily add hours of gameplay to earn the exclusive content being offered in the tier pass.

Dead by Daylight’s Rift Pass is out now.

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Check out the rift overview trailer down below:

Source: Dead by Daylight Youtube